Eleventh round (2018) – supported studies

Mr. J. Kuiper, PhD Shooting the Messenger – Targeting ERAPs to combat Uveitis
Mrs. Prof. J.H. De Boer, PhD Multifocal electroretinogram abnormalities in inflammatory macular edema
Mr. Prof. G.P.M. Luyten, PhD BAP1 predisposition syndrome in familial uveal melanoma
Mrs E. Kiliç, PhD, MD Spliceosome inhibitors as a therapeutic option for patients with a somatic SF3B1 mutation?
Mr. H.A. Freitas Alves PILOT – A preclinical vision testing street for rodents
Mr. C.J.F. Boon, MD, PhD, FEBOphth Stress, steroids, and the eye: unravelling the pathogenesis of central serous chorioretinopathy
Mr G. Melles, PhD, MD Long-term evaluation of clinical outcome and complications after Bowman layer transplantation for progressive advanced keratoconus
Mrs. J. Ossewaarde-van Norel, PhD and mr. R. van Leeuwen, PhD Determinants and consequences of Bruch’s Membrane calcification in Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum
Mr. S. van der Stigchel, PhD PILOT – Eye hear you: Improving auditory perception in blind individuals through the deployment of eye-movements
Mrs S. Roosing, PhD PILOT – A long-read whole genome sequencing approach to unravel the genetic cause in inherited retinal dystrophies
Mrs. S. Micheal, PhD PILOT – Identification of genetic causes of congenital cataract using sequencing technologies.
Mr. T.T.J.M. Berendschot, PhD  Multispectral imaging for improved glaucoma detection and diagnosis
Mrs. R.M.A. van Nispen, PhD PILOT – A new Patient Reported Outcome Measure (PROM) to assess anti-VEGF treatment in retinal exudative disease: the Dutch Impact of Visual Impairment profile Computer Adaptive Test (IVI-CAT).tissue screening and harvesting.
Mrs. Prof. A.I. den Hollander, PhD   Monitoring oxidative stress in patients with age-related macular degeneration
Mrs. S.M.R. Jonker, MD en Mr. C.J.F. Bertens, M.Sc., B.A.Sc. Molecular background of endothelial cell loss in patients with phakic intraocular lenses: a tear and aqueous humour study
Mrs. Prof. M.J. Jager, PhD Contribution of pigmentation to the development of intraocular melanoma.
Mr. R.W.J. Collin, PhD and mr. Splicing modulation therapy for recurrent ABCA4 mutations underlying Stargardt disease
Mr Prof. R.M.M.A. Nuijts, PhD Efficiency and underlying molecular mechanisms of anti-inflammation treatment in keratoconus patients
Mr. T.G.M.F. Gorgels, PhD Glaucoma-on-a-chip: an in vitro model for glaucoma drug discovery and precision medicine
Mr R.O. Schlingemann, Prof., PhD, MD and Mrs. I. Klaassen, PhD Novel targets in tip cells for anti-angiogenesis in exudative AMD
Mr. W.D. Ramdas, MD, PhD and Mrs. A.A.H.J. Thiadens, MD, PhD Nutrigenomics of open-angle glaucoma in different ethnicities
Mrs. A.I. Iglesias, PhD RNA-sequencing of myopia zebrafish models
Prof. R.M.M.A. Nuijts, PhD “Collagen cross-linking by near infrared illumination (NIR) of Bacteriochlorophyll derivatives for the treatment of infectious keratitis: safety, efficacy and mechanisms of action
Mrs. M.A. Meester-Smoor, PhD Why is good cholesterol bad for AMD?
Mr. R.J. Lebbink, PhD In vivo inactivation of HSV-1 by CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome mutagenesis: a cure for herpes keratitis?
Mrs. Prof. C.C.W. Klaver, PhD RetinaNL Reading Center

Tenth round (2017) – supported studies

Mrs. Prof. J.H. De Boer, PhD – DNA and the Biological fingerprint of children with non-infectious uveitis

Mr. F.D. Verbraak, PhD PILOT – Measurement of fibrosis/RNFL changes in the retina/optic nerve head of AMD/glaucoma patients using Polarisation Sensitive OCT (PS-OCT)

Mr. J. Wijnholds, PhD – Gene editing in human retinas from adult stem cells

Mr J.W.M. Beenakker, PhD – PILOT – High resolution MR-imaging for neuro-ophthalmic conditions

Mrs. R. Kalmann, PhD – A bloodtest for the detection of orbital cancer

Mrs. R. van Nispen, PhD and Mrs. E. Vreijsen, MSc – Predictors of corneal transplantation outcomes regarding visual functioning, quality of life, psychological well-being and participation

Mr C.J.F. Boon, PhD, MD, FEBOphth – PILOT – Study on half-dose Photodynamic therapy versus Eplerenone in chronic CenTRAl serous chorioretinopathy (SPECTRA trial)

Mrs. Ö. Engin, drs. – Anatomy of the orbital apex

Mrs A.C. Moll, Prof, PhD and Mr A.W.M. Fabius, PhD – PILOT – Association of the RB1 mutation type and the age at detection of first retinoblastoma tumor in children at risk for familial retinoblastoma

Mr W.P.R. Verdurmen, PhD – PILOT – Enhancing antisense oligonucleotide delivery into the retina through a nature-inspired approach

Mrs A.I. Den Hollander, Prof., PhD. – Genetic causes of retinal detachment

Mr G. Melles, PhD, MD – Prevention of ‘paired donor failure’ as a relatively frequent complication after endothelial keratoplasty, by means of developing additional criteria of donor tissue screening and harvesting.

Mr F.P.M. Cremers, Prof, PhD and Mrs S. Roosing, PhD – Shedding light on the dark side of the genome in inherited retinal diseases

Mr G.L. Porro, PhD – Study on two new methods for testing visual field in children affected by brain diseases

Mr R.W.J. Collin, PhD and Mr C.J.F. Boon, PhD – Translational read-through therapy for retinal ciliopathies

Mr T.G.M.F. Gorgels, PhD and Mr H.J.M. Smeets, Prof. PhD – Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Retinal Ganglion Cells in Glaucoma

Mr R. Roepman, PhD, MSc and Mr W.J. Collin, PhD – Development of a pharmacological approach to extend photoreceptor cell vitality in inherited retinal degeneration.

Mr J.J.M. Pel, PhD, MSc – I-move perimeter: visual fields in children with a low developmental age

Mrs J. Ossewaarde-van Norel, PhD, MD – Genetic and Clinical Risk Factors in Multifocal Choroiditis

Mrs E. Kiliç, PhD, MD – PILOT – Exploring the use of UM exosomes as non-invasive biomarkers

Mrs S. Hanekamp, drs. – With an eye to the future: a new diffusion MRI-based tool for the evaluation of neurodegeneration and neuroprotection in glaucoma

Mrs C.C.W. Klaver, Prof, PhD – Smartphones and risk of myopia

Mr R.O. Schlingemann, Prof., PhD, MD and Mrs. I. Klaassen, PhD – Differences in cellular energy metabolism in tip cells and other endothelial cells during angiogenesis

Mr R.O. Schlingemann, Prof., PhD, MD and Mrs. I. Klaassen, PhD – Intraocular growth factor and miRNA levels and the development of fibrosis in patients with proliferative diabetic retinopathy: implications for current treatment strategies