2023 -

Sixteenth round (2023) - supported studies

Mr. J.J.W. Kuiper, PhD
PILOT: Profiling T cell receptors in the inflamed eye
Mr. W.D. Ramdas, MD, PhD
Understanding glaucoma progression: vascular risk-factors and gene-environment interactions
Mrs. C Koster, PhD, ir.
Transplantation of RPE cells on a supramolecular membrane as a regenerative treatment for AMD
Mr. J. Wijnholds, PhD
Human retina-on-a-chip platform
Mr. G. Porro, MD, PhD and Mrs. Prof. S. Imhof, MD, PhD
Pupil perimetry: An automated and objective visual field test for neurologically impaired children
Mr. Prof. M. Kamermans, PhD
Analysis of the development of infantile nystagmus and the associated low visual acuity?
Mrs. Prof. N.E. Schalij-Delfos, PhD and Mrs. L.E. van der Meeren, PhD
Placenta as a predictor for Retinopathy of Prematurity (PAPforROP)
Mrs. Prof. S.M. Imhof, PhD and Mr. G.L. Porro, PhD
KIZZ NEXT: Child Central nervous system tumors Insight in Sight, a nationwide prospective study
Mrs. I. Klaassen, PhD
Spatial multi-omics profiling of human diabetic macular edema
Mr. L.J.P. Pauleikhoff, PhD
PILOT: Go With The Flow: Dissecting the choroid and treatment response in central serous chorioretinopathy
Mr. A. Garanto, PhD and Mr. Prof. M.A.A.P. Willemsen
PILOT: Elucidating the lipid map of the retina by studying Sjögren Larsson Syndrome
Mr. M. Naber, PhD
PILOT: PupGaze: convenient and objective perimetry based on the integration of gaze- and pupil-based approach
Mrs. J.E. Vergroesen, MSc.
A gut feeling: associations between the microbiome and age-related eye diseasesp
Mrs. A.M. Arends-Tjiam, MD, PhD and Mr. H.R. Taal, MD, PhD
Optimizing the treatment for Retinopathy of Prematurity in the Netherlands
Mrs. B.J. Benedikter, PhD and Mr. Prof. C.A.B. Webers, PhD
Purification of human retinal ganglion cells for research on optic nerve protection and regeneration
Mr. T.G.M.F. Gorgels, PhD and Mrs. W. You, MSc.
Targeting Mitochondria to protect Retinal Ganglion Cells in Glaucoma
Mrs. Prof. C.C.W. Klaver, PhD
Prediction of the course of age-related macular degeneration using artificial intelligence
Mrs. A.A.H.J. Thiadens, MD, PhD
A glaucoma study on genetics, morphology and environmental risk factors in different ethnicities
Mr. D. Panneman, PhD and Mrs. S.E. de Bruijn, PhD
Leveraging long-read sequencing to identify mRNA defects in probands with inherited retinal diseases
Mrs. M.J. de Boer, PhD
PILOT: Quantif-eye: Optimising diplopia treatment by quantifying disordered eye movements
Mr. Prof. R.W.J. Collin, PhD and Mr. M.M. Dickman, MD, PhD
Towards an RNA-therapy for Fuchs dystrophy
Mr. Prof. R. Roepman, PhD and Mr. E de Vrieze, PhD
Harnessing autophagy to combat macular degeneration
Mrs. P. Serrano Martinez, MSc.
The role of gut microbial metabolites in the pathogenesis of diabetic retinopathy
Mrs. Y.T.E. Lechanteur, MD, PhD and Mr. Prof. C.B. Hoyng, PhD
PILOT: Prospective evaluation of complement components and activation markers in patients with AMD