The 16th Round 2022/2023 is closed. Applications can no longer be submitted.

The fully completed application should be submitted before November 1st 11:59 PM (23.59 CET). Click on the button at the bottom of this page to enter the online application form. Please first read the instructions carefully.

Parts A and C are to be completed in English, part B should be filled out in Dutch. After entering the main applicant’s e-mail address (in part C), you can save the form using the ‘Intermediate save’ button at the bottom of the form. An e-mail will be sent to this address containing a weblink that enables you to enter the application form again and to work in it further.


Call 2022/2023

Reviewform Scientific Quality 2022-2023

Voortgangsrapportage 2024 (Progress report form)

Richtlijn Patiëntenpanel (referred to in question B4 of the Application form)