Sixth round (2013) – supported studies

Mrs. J.H. de Boer, PhD
Genetic, immunologic and functional aspects of uveitis associated with juvenile idiopathic arthritis
Mrs. M.J. Jager, PhD, MD, FARVO
PILOT – Analyzing oxygenation in retinal vessel diseases
Mrs. Prof. A.I. den Hollander, PhD
PILOT – Dissecting the genetic causes of congenital and juvenile glaucoma by family-based exome sequencing
Mr. Prof. F.P.M. Cremers. PhD
Combining Identity-by-Descent Mapping and Exome Sequencing to Identify Novel RP Defects
Mrs. C.I. Sánchez
Automatic analysis of OCT scans for improved monitoring of neovascular AMD patients
Mr. R. Roepman, PhD
Modeling disease mechanisms and novel therapeutic approaches for inherited blindness
Mr. Prof. R.O. Schlingemann, PhD, MD
VEGF Levels In Plasma and Platelets in Patients with Age-Related Macular Degeneration, Venous Occlusions and Diabetic Retinopathy Treated with Anti-VEGF Agents
Mr. Prof. R.O. Schlingemann, PhD, MD
What is the role of IGF-2 in retinopathy of prematurity?
Mr. J. Wijnholds, PhD
Generation of a small Müller glia specific promoter by directed evolution
Mr. J. Wijnholds, PhD
PILOT – Development of Gene Therapy methodology for Developmental Eye Diseases
Mr. H.H.L.M. Goossens, PhD
Perceptual Learning to reduce crowding effects in visually impaired children: ‘Learning to see the forest ánd the trees.’
Mr. Prof. A.A.B. Bergen, PhD
PILOT – Identificatie van nieuwe genetische factoren betrokken bij Primair Open Kamerhoek Glaucoom middels “whole-genome analyse”
Mr. R.W.J. Collin, PhD
PILOT – Identificatie van intronische mutaties in patiënten met X-gebonden netvliesdegeneratie
Mrs. M.M. van Genderen, PhD
Albinism: contribution of ocular abnormalities and pigmentation to visual function
Mrs. F.N. Boonstra, PhD
The effect of bifocals in children with Down Syndrome
Mrs. Prof. C.C.W. Klaver, PhD, MD
Risk factors of myopia and the role of accommodation. The Generation R Study.
Mr. B.J. Klevering, PhD
Rp5000db 2.0: an essential foundation for gene augmentation studies for Stargardt disease
Mrs. Prof. C.C.W. Klaver, PhD, MD
PILOT – How is the performance of prediction tests for AMD?

Seventh round (2014) – supported studies

Mrs. L.P.F. Pellissier, PhD
PILOT – CRB vector expression in human retina culture
Mr. J. Wijnholds, PhD
Pharmaceutical phase CRB1 gene therapy
Mr. Prof. C.B. Hoyng, PhD
Constructing a multimodal imaging model for Stargardt disease
Mr. J.J.W. Kuiper, PhD
A systems biology approach to Uveitis
Mr. J.W.M. Beenakker, PhD
High-resolution MRI planning for proton beam therapy of uveal melanoma
Mr. A.A.B. Prof. Bergen
Experimental therapeutic transplantation of Embryonic Stem cell derived Retinal Pigment Epithelial cells in animal models for retinal degeneration
Mr. Prof. F.P.M. Cremers
Optic atrophy in multiple impaired children: Identification of novel genetic defects
Mrs. A.M. Siemiatkowska, PhD
PILOT – Identification of novel human retinal dystrophy genes by sequence analysis of genes mutated in mammalian models with visual impairment
Mrs. Prof. A. Rothova, PhD
PILOT – Prime suspect: Autoimmunity in chorioretinal disorders
Mr. Prof. C.A.B. Webers, PhD
PILOT – Structural and functional parameters in Caucasian patients with angle closure on SS-OCT
Mr. P.M. van Hasselt, PhD, MD
Insight in the cataractogenic effect of a de novo mutation on glutamine-glutamate metabolism
Mr. E.K. de Jong, PhD
PILOT – Resolving the burden of rare genetic variants in central serous chorioretinopathy using novel high-throughput sequencing technologies
Mrs. A.A.H.J. Thiadens, PhD, MD
Genetics in glaucoma patients from African descent. The GIGA study
Mr. Prof. P.M. van Hagen
PILOT – Prevention of anti-VEGF therapy induced geographic atrophia by somatostatins
Mr. Prof. H.G. Lemij, PhD, MD
Retinal attenuation of light as a new method for glaucoma diagnosis and monitoring
Mr. C.J.F. Boon, PhD, MD, FEBOphth
PILOT – Steroids, stress and central serous chorioretinopathy: unraveling a mysterious macular degeneration
Mr. F.W. Cornelissen, PhD
PILOT – What visual speech cues help visually impaired people?
Mrs. M.J. Jager, PhD
Regulation of Inflammation by BAP1
Mr. Prof. R.O. Schlingemann, PhD, MSc, MD
The role of miRNAs in retinopathy of prematurity and other proliferative retinopathies
Mr. Prof. R.O. Schlingemann, PhD, MSc, MD
The developmental formation of the blood-retinal barrier as an inverse model of blood-retinal barrier loss in diseases of the retina
Mr. Prof. R.M.M.A. Nuijts, PhD, MSc
Collagen cross-linking by near infrared illumination (NIR) of Bacteriochlorophyll derivatives for the treatment of keratoconus and corneal ectasia: safety, efficacy and mechanisms of action
Mr. R. Roepman, PhD
PILOT – Molecular modeling of gene therapy for inherited congenital blindness
Mrs. Prof. C.C.W. Klaver, PhD, MSc, MD
Myopia pathogenesis into depth
Mrs. Prof. C.M. van Duijn, PhD
A translational genetics study of glaucoma

Eighth round (2015) – supported studies

Mr. C.A.B. Webers, Prof., PhD
End of life blindness in glaucoma
Mrs. A.A.H.J. Thiadens, PhD, MD
Genetics In Glaucoma patients of African descent, The GIGA study
Mr. R.M.M.A. Nuijts, Prof., PhD
Corneal Transplantation by DMEK (Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty) – is it really better than DSAEK (Descemet Stripping Automated Endothelial Keratoplasty)?
Mr. W.A. Dik, PhD
Diabetic retinopathy and lipoprotein(a): the missing link?
Mr. R.O. Schlingemann, Prof., PhD
The tip cell as a target for anti-angiogenesis therapy in ocular retinopathies
Mr. A. Garanto, PhD
Expanding splice modulation therapies for inherited retinal dystrophies
Mrs. M.A. Meester-Smoor, PhD
Which miRNAs catch the eye for eye disorders?
Mrs. V.J.M. Verhoeven, MSc, MD and Mrs. Prof. C.C.W. Klaver, PhD, MD
Whole exome sequencing in high-myopic families
Mrs. L.I. van den Born and Mrs. Prof. C.C.W. Klaver, PhD, MD
Identification of children in the Netherlands with retinal dystrophy for future gene-specific treatments
Mr. W.D. Ramdas, PhD, MD
Metabolomics of open-angle glaucoma
Mr. G.R.J. Melles, PhD
Ultra-structural and biochemical analysis of the posterior cornea to elucidate graft attachment after Descemet membrane endothelial keratoplasty (DMEK)
Mrs. J.H. De Boer, PhD
Genetic, immunologic and functional aspects of uveitis associated with juvenile idiopathic arthritis
Mr. F.P.M. Cremers, Prof., PhD
Identification of novel genetic causes of inherited retinal diseases through comprehensive analysis of blood lymphocytes and plasma
Mrs. L.P.F. Pellissier, PhD
Development of a rodent-eye clinic for experimental therapeutic studies
Mr. J.J.W. Kuiper, PhD
A systems biology approach uveitis
Mrs. J.H. De Boer, PhD
ElectroretinoGram afwijkingen bij uveitis
Mr. J. Wijnholds, PhD
CRB1 and macular atrophy, LCA and RP
Mr. R.P.L. Wisse, MSc
The Dutch Crosslinking for Keratoconus study
Mrs. J.D.F. de Groot-Mijnes, PhD
Detection of parvovirus B19 in ocular fluids and tissue of patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis-associated uveitis

Ninth round (2016) – supported studies

Mr. R.P.L. Wisse, PhD
The Dutch Crosslinking for Keratoconus study – a multicenter modelling approach to assess crosslinking effectiveness, it’s consequences on grafting procedures, and a cost-effectiveness analyses
Mr. C.B. Hoyng, Prof., PhD, MD
Building a clinical relevant model that predicts the speed of fellow eye progression in neovascular age-related macular degeneration
Mrs R. Kalmann, PhD
PILOT – Molecular taxonomy and blood-based differentiation of non-Hodgkin orbital lymphoma and non-specific orbital inflammation
Mr. G.R.J. Melles, PhD, MD
PILOT – Search for indicators of an upcoming allograft rejection after Descemet membrane endothelial keratoplasty (DMEK)
Mr. J.J.W. Kuiper, PhD
PILOT – Targeting ERAP2 for treatment of Birdshot chorioretinopathy
Mr. F.P.M. Cremers, Prof., PhD
Comprehensive analysis of putative ABCA4 splice defects in persons with maculopathies
Mr. M. Kamermans, Prof, PhD
Towards restoration of high acuity human vision
Mr. R.P.L. Wisse, PhD
PILOT – Intra-operatieve OCT bij corneale en retinale chirugie
Mr. C.J.F. Boon, PhD
Retinal dystrophies associated with mutations in the CRB1 gene, the rhodopsin gene and the RPGR gene: towards gene therapy
Mrs. C.C.W. Klaver, Prof., PhD
Recommendations for AMD progression – anti oxidants in diet versus supplements
Mr. B.T.H. Van Dooren, PhD
PILOT – The CORNET initiative: Creating the muli-center CORNET database and setting up local cornea-biobanks, for the purpose of corneal research in The Netherlands
Mr. A.A.B. Bergen, Prof.
Selection and characterization of new stem cell sources for improvement of (experimental) RPE transplantations for macula degeneration: patient-friendly, little genomic instability, no graft rejection and better visual recovery
Mr. R. Roepman, PhD, MSc and Mr W.J. Collin, PhD
Development of a pharmacological approach to extend photoreceptor cell vitality in inherited retinal degeneration
Mr. C.B. Hoyng, Prof., PhD, MD
Progression of macular and panretinal dystrophies
Mr. R.M.M.A. Nuijts, Prof, PhD
Development of an innovative iPSC-derived bio-engineered endothelial carrier for (endothelial) keratoplasty
Mrs. S.E. Loudon, PhD, MD
Is it ‘Game over’ for patching therapy?
Mrs. A.I. Den Hollander, Prof., PhD
Precision medicine for age-related macular degeneration
Mr. C.J.F. Boon, PhD
PILOT – Neovascular macular degeneration: more than one disease – towards personalized treatment
Mr. R.O. Schlingemann, Prof., PhD, MD
Identification of circulating biomarkers as diagnostic markers in DME
Mr. A.F. Fracasso, PhD
PILOT – Measuring visual field integrity using an anatomical measure at ultra-high field MRI

Tenth round (2017) – supported studies

Mrs. Prof. J.H. De Boer, PhD
DNA and the Biological fingerprint of children with non-infectious uveitis
Mr. F.D. Verbraak, PhD
PILOT – Measurement of fibrosis/RNFL changes in the retina/optic nerve head of AMD/glaucoma patients using Polarisation Sensitive OCT (PS-OCT)
Mr. J. Wijnholds, PhD
Gene editing in human retinas from adult stem cells
Mr J.W.M. Beenakker, PhD
PILOT – High resolution MR-imaging for neuro-ophthalmic conditions
Mrs. R. Kalmann, PhD
A bloodtest for the detection of orbital cancer
Mrs. R. van Nispen, PhD and Mrs. E. Vreijsen, MSc
Predictors of corneal transplantation outcomes regarding visual functioning, quality of life, psychological well-being and participation
Mr C.J.F. Boon, PhD, MD, FEBOphth
PILOT – Study on half-dose Photodynamic therapy versus Eplerenone in chronic CenTRAl serous chorioretinopathy (SPECTRA trial)
Mrs. Ö. Engin, drs.
Anatomy of the orbital apex
Mrs A.C. Moll, Prof, PhD and Mr A.W.M. Fabius, PhD
PILOT – Association of the RB1 mutation type and the age at detection of first retinoblastoma tumor in children at risk for familial retinoblastoma
Mr W.P.R. Verdurmen, PhD
PILOT – Enhancing antisense oligonucleotide delivery into the retina through a nature-inspired approach
Mrs A.I. Den Hollander, Prof., PhD
Genetic causes of retinal detachment
Mr G. Melles, PhD, MD
Prevention of ‘paired donor failure’ as a relatively frequent complication after endothelial keratoplasty, by means of developing additional criteria of donor tissue screening and harvesting
Mr F.P.M. Cremers, Prof, PhD and Mrs S. Roosing, PhD
Shedding light on the dark side of the genome in inherited retinal diseases
Mr G.L. Porro, PhD
Study on two new methods for testing visual field in children affected by brain diseases
Mr R.W.J. Collin, PhD and Mr C.J.F. Boon, PhD
Translational read-through therapy for retinal ciliopathies
Mr T.G.M.F. Gorgels, PhD and Mr H.J.M. Smeets, Prof. PhD
Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Retinal Ganglion Cells in Glaucoma
Mr R. Roepman, PhD, MSc and Mr W.J. Collin, PhD
Development of a pharmacological approach to extend photoreceptor cell vitality in inherited retinal degeneration
Mr J.J.M. Pel, PhD, MSc
I-move perimeter: visual fields in children with a low developmental age
Mrs J. Ossewaarde-van Norel, PhD, MD
Genetic and Clinical Risk Factors in Multifocal Choroiditis
Mrs E. Kiliç, PhD, MD
PILOT – Exploring the use of UM exosomes as non-invasive biomarkers
Mrs S. Hanekamp, drs.
With an eye to the future: a new diffusion MRI-based tool for the evaluation of neurodegeneration and neuroprotection in glaucoma
Mrs C.C.W. Klaver, Prof, PhD
Smartphones and risk of myopia
Mr R.O. Schlingemann, Prof., PhD, MD and Mrs. I. Klaassen, PhD
Differences in cellular energy metabolism in tip cells and other endothelial cells during angiogenesis
Mr R.O. Schlingemann, Prof., PhD, MD and Mrs. I. Klaassen, PhD
Intraocular growth factor and miRNA levels and the development of fibrosis in patients with proliferative diabetic retinopathy: implications for current treatment strategies