Definitions of types of research financed via UitZicht

UitZicht is a cooperation of several Dutch funds for people with visual impairment. These funds finance – among other things – scientific research on the origins, prevention and treatment of diseases of the eye.

Definitions of the types of research

  • Fundamental research: research with a research question mainly defined by internal scientific motives and is primarily focussed on the increase of knowledge. Fundamental research often leads to practical applications. In general this concerns long-term research.
  • Strategic research: research with the research question defined by internal scientific motives, but also oriented towards practical application, or with a more generally formulated practical problem taken from clinical or social practices as starting point. Generally spoken, this is middle-long-term research.
  • Applied research with a research question based on a specific, concrete problem, the aim being practical application. This mostly involves short-term research.

You can ask for subsidy via the UitZicht application form for:

  • Regular scientific studies with a maximum requested budget of € 250.000;
  • Pilot studies (investigation of the ‘problems’) with a maximum of € 75.000.

You cannot ask subsidy via UitZicht for:

  • Scientific apprenticeship;
  • Conference participation (only);
  • Printing costs of dissertations;
  • Applied research aimed at more independent functioning, participation in the society of people with visual impairment. Examples are general rehabilitation, education and work, parenting, study and development, auxiliary tools, technology and information processing for people with visual impairment. For the funding of this type of research  we suggest the Stichting InZicht.