Before grants are honoured
• No later than November 1st 2022, 11.59 PM CET submit your application digitally via the online application form on the website Applications submitted after 1 November will not be taken into consideration.
• The study must comply with the definitions mentioned in paragraph 2.
• Part A and C should be submitted in English. Part B should be submitted in Dutch.
• The maximum amount is € 250.000, and € 75.000 for a pilot-study.
• The applicant is a natural person, allied to a Dutch institution or university. The applicant is also the corresponding person.
• The study should basically start within 12 months after the subsidy is granted.

After grants are honoured
• You can only request the funds to start paying you, after you have informed them that the funding for the whole project is complete.
• Before the December 31st of the year in which the grant is awarded please inform the funds about the financial status of your study: Did you get the needed funding or are you still occupied with collecting them? When you do not inform before the 31st of December automatically all the granted subsidies are gone/cancelled.
• For research involving human or animal subjects you need approval of the METC/DEC. Otherwise the subsidy will be withdrawn.
• Each year before March 1st, progress- and final reports should spontaneously be sent to the secretarial office of UitZicht, by means of the Progress report form. Progress reports of projects started on or after July 1st should be sent in before March 1st of the next calendar year. For example when the project starts on July 1st 2023, the first progress report should not be e-mailed before March 1st of 2023 but before March 1st of 2024.
• A Progress Report should also be sent before March 1st when the study ends for example one or two months later. A final report (including a financial statement) should be sent to the secretarial office of UitZicht the next year before March 1st.
• When the project ends prematurely, because of the research itself, the part of the grant that has been paid by the fund but not spent by the researcher, has to be returned. For the part that has been spent, proper financial justifications should be given. When the reason is not directly research related (such as reorganizations and departure of employee(s)) the whole amount that has been paid – without any deductions – should be refunded.
• Applications for the same study can be submitted only twice through UitZicht.
• In publications based on studies funded via UitZicht please use the following text:
The author was supported by the following foundations: (names) that contributed through UitZicht. The funding organizations had no role in the design or conduct of this research. They provided unrestricted grants.