Deadline submitting applications November 1st 2023, 23.59 (CET)

step 0: September 29th 2023 (between 9 AM and 5 PM) – Pitches
Researchers who intend to submit an application have the opportunity to present and explain their plan to the Patient Panel (and Boardmembers of the funds). To apply for the pitch, please send an email to: For more information, please call Mirjam Boers 030-2006315 (Oogvereniging).

Step 1: November 2nd until November 15th 2023 – Committee Criteria. A committee to be appointed by UitZicht of three experts (Mrs. Prof. M.J. Jager, Mr. Prof. A. Kijlstra and Mr. Prof. R.O. Schlingemann) will decide whether your request for a subsidy meets the definitions and preconditions and thus qualifies for UitZicht. If this is not the case, the application will be returned.

Step 2: November 2nd until November 20th 2023 – Sub-Panels ‘Scientific Quality’. The Sub-Panels are appointed by the UitZicht Committee. These Sub-Panels Scientific Quality appoint scientific experts to review. The Sub-Panels are appointed by the UitZicht Committee. These Sub-Panels Scientific Quality appoint scientific experts to review. It is the intention not to appoint reviewers who are also a member of the Sub-Panel. Members of the Sub-Panels however are expected to review at least one application of another Sub-Panel in order to know the process.

Step 3: November 16th 2023 until February 1st 2024 – Advice by the Patient Panel (Relevance). A group of about 10 - 15 patients will establish an advice to the applicant. The reviews are collected by the secretariat.

Step 4: November 27th 2023 until January 25th 2024 – Scientific Reviews. The reviewers are being approached and requested for a review. Reviews are collected by the secretariat.

Step 5: February 15th until March 10th 2024 (before 9.00 AM CET) -  Rebuttal. Rebuttal by the applicant on the Scientific Quality Reviews and the Advice by the Patient Panel. NEW! Together with the rebuttal, researchers are given the opportunity (no obligation) to send in a short video presentation (max. 5 minutes, before March 25th) to provide a verbal explanation of the planned project.

Step 6: March 10th – March 23th 2024 – Final Ranking and Final Advice. The Sub-Panels Scientific Quality give their final ranking and the Patient Panel gives its final advice

Step 7: March 25th 2024 – Meeting. Meeting of the chairmen of the Sub-Panels ‘Scientific Quality’, two members of the Patient Panel and two members of the UitZicht Committee. This meeting will lead to a final ranking of scientific quality. The Procedure and Applications may be discussed.

Step 8: April 10th 2024 – Funds. Participating funds receive their subsidy requests, the reviews, the advice, the rebuttals, the video presentations and the ranking.

Step 9: April 21st until May 12th 2024 – Board meetings participation funds. The participating funds each have their own board meeting. The funds announce their intended decisions to the secretariat of UitZicht.

Step 10: May 23rd 2024 – Coordination Meeting. The participating funds meet. The main goal of this meeting is to avoid overfunding.

Step 11: May 18th until May 25th 2024 (before 9.00 AM CET) – Final decisions. The funds announce their final decisions to the secretariat of UitZicht.

Step 12: Before July 1st 2024 – Funds inform the applicants about their decisions

Parallel - previous awarded research
Previous awarded researchers have to deliver their progress report before the March 1st 2024.
- By March 2nd 2024 these reports will be sent to the Progress Committee.
- Around April 20th 2024 the report of the Progress Committee is completed. The funds will be informed.